Every religion seems to have specific traditions relating to the memorial process.  The focus of today’s post will be the Jewish tradition of leaving stones on graves of loved ones, as opposed to the traditional custom of bringing flowers.

According to the Jewish tradition, all people are equal at the time of death, regardless of social or financial status during a lifetime.  That being said, elegant flowers left on the grave of a once wealthy person can be disparaging to family members of a loved one who did not live a life of riches.

It is interesting to note that while most people these days can afford to pick or purchase a few flowers and leave them on a grave, and stones may even be more difficult to come across, nevertheless the tradition remains to keep equality via the use of simple stones.

This brings about a lovely lesson for life as well.  Regardless of who we may be during our lifetimes, at the end of the day we all return to the same place.  If we can keep that in mind during our daily lives, it may help create a sense of equality while we are still around to enjoy the peace!