Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if your question is not listed.

Why should I choose to purchase a memorial from Fram Monument?

Fram Monument Company has been working with families to memorialize their loved ones since 1922, all while being family owned and operated from the beginning. Since we are the largest local monument company, our volume discounts allow us to buy the best quality granite at reduced costs and pass these savings to you. Our reputation is superb for our quality, workmanship, and customer care throughout the entire process.

How do I know the quality of the granite I choose?

Granite comes in hundreds of different colors and quality. Fram Monument only uses Grade “A” granite which means it is stress tested after it comes out of the quarry for any scratches and defects. We have a wide array of colors to choose from.

Why are there no prices listed on your website?

Each cemetery has different rules and varying fee structures when it comes to memorials, making it misleading to accurately price our memorials online as general pricing. We would prefer to be able to work based on your specific needs, and provide exact pricing. We take great pride in having a memorial priced for everyone’s budget and will work with you as best as we can to ensure that your memorial is within your means.

I am uncomfortable ordering a monument online. How can I see real samples of bronze and granite memorials in a showroom?

Fram Monument has local full memorial display showrooms which are centered throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. You can visit us at our showroom during business hours or schedule in-person and virtual appointments in advance. See our About Us & Contact pages for more information on making an appointment with one of our specialists.

My local cemetery sells memorials; They served me well with the funeral, why should I consider purchasing a memorial elsewhere?

While some cemeteries may provide monument services, they also have to worry about cutting grass, digging graves, planning funerals, etc. On the other hand, our sole focus is to specialize in memorials. Not only can we provide you with excellent quality materials, but our prices are significantly discounted relative to the cemeteries. Many cemeteries have difficulty keeping up with foreign languages and traditions, custom designs, and religious customs. At Fram Monument however, we are fluent in all of those, not to mention that our prices are substantially lower than what you would pay to purchase from your cemetery.

Are there extra charges for engraving on new memorials?

Unlike most other monument companies, Fram Monument does not charge extra for engraving on new memorials. Our prices include all of your engraving, so additional epitaphs, inscriptions, etc. will not cost extra. On site engraving to an existing memorials carry an additional charge.

When is the appropriate time to purchase memorials?

Memorials can be purchased in advance of a passing, or any time after a loss of a loved one. Certain religions have customs which dictate specific timelines for installation of a memorial after a funeral, so it is best to consult us and we can guide you as to the specifics. Keep in mind that certain memorials can take up to 5 months to complete from the time of purchase, so it is wise to plan ahead when possible.

Do you make pre-need arrangements?

Yes, we do make pre-need arrangements. If you are trying to spend down yours or your loved one’s assets to apply for medical assistance, we can set up an irrevocable trust to shelter these funds.

What happens if I need a monument installed before the typical 8-12 weeks processing period?

Fram Monument has completed and installed many memorials in less than a week from the time of order, when necessary. While it is better to leave plenty of time for planning, if necessary Fram Monument can expedite the process to accommodate your unveiling needs.

How do I know what type of monuments my cemetery allows?

At Fram Monument, we understand the difficulty of making final arrangements. Therefore, we try to make it as easy as possible by keeping your work to a minimum. If you look at our Cemetery Rules and Regulations page you will see what types of memorial stones your cemetery allows. If your cemetery is not listed there, Fram Monument will verify the rules and regulations with the cemetery before your place your order.

I don’t know what to engrave on the monument. Can you point me in the right direction?

The most important information that is engraved on a memorial monument is the name of the deceased. After that, the date of birth and the date of passing should be included. Religious emblems are very common, though emblems of all kinds can be accommodated. Epitaphs are extremely effective, and can add a nice touch to a monument.

I do not live in the area of your showrooms, can I still purchase from Fram Monument Company?

Fram Monument has installed in hundreds of cemeteries throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, as well as other states. If you feel that you are outside of that region, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

My family already had existing monuments, and I need to match a new one to those, can you do that?

Fram Monument has a team of installers that will gladly survey your cemetery site. Our specialists will take exact measurements of existing monuments, inscriptions, font size, font style, spacing, emblems, granite and bronze colors, vases, and anything else required to match a new stone. Once the information is collected, we can contact you and decide how to proceed in order to match the new monument to the existing ones.

I noticed other websites that claim to be able to provide me with a monument, and have it shipped to the cemetery. Why shouldn’t I just order from them?

While some websites will let you purchase online and have your monument shipped to the cemetery or to yourself, those companies will not offer installation and unveiling services. You will still have to pay and coordinate delivery and installation with your local cemetery. At Fram Monument, our monument purchases are inclusive of lettering, engraving, installation, and unveiling preparation. Your Fram Monument representative will handle everything up until the unveiling, and you won’t have to deal with the cemetery at all.

Do you make memorials for people of all religions?

Fram Monument has been servicing people of all faiths and religions since 1922. Our granite and bronze memorials can be customized to many shapes and sizes, and can include any emblems, pictures, inscriptions, and languages. Our representatives can work with you to provide quality service and pricing regardless of what you need.

I am eligible for a veteran bronze marker. How do I go about ordering one and purchasing a matching granite base with installation?

Fram Monument has coordinated plenty of veteran bronze markers and we can assist you to receive yours. We can also provide a matching granite base in accordance with your cemetery’s rules and regulations, and have them installed together prior to your scheduled unveiling.