A world which is accustomed to people spending millions of dollars on their residences is now trending to spending the same amounts on their final resting places.  A Wall Street Journal article (which is linked to below), highlights the extravagant nature of these everlasting memorials, and the lengths at which owner are going to customize every last detail in them.

As mentioned in one of our earlier posts, mausoleums provide a dignified and private way to memorialize loved ones forever, while keeping family members in close proximity even after passing.  Every structure is custom built to the specific needs of the purchasing family member, and now modern design and architectural features are being incorporated into what used to be traditional looking mausoleum buildings.  While bronze doors and stained-glass windows are traditionally considered luxurious additions, some are taking their designs as far as including chandeliers, rugs, and even hot tubs!  Take a look at the WSJ article below for more details: