Cemetery Engraving & Lettering

Man engraving memorial headstone outside
Fram Monument Company not only specializes in new monument purchases and installation, but we also specialize in cemetery engraving and lettering on existing monuments. This careful process requires advanced preparation and precision, but when completed provides the everlasting look and feel of a brand new monument. All of the engraving and lettering work is completed directly at your cemetery, without having to remove existing monuments, which will save you time and money.

Before any new engraving work is completed, our highly trained team of engravers will gladly survey your cemetery site. Our specialists will take exact measurements of existing monuments, inscriptions, font size, font style, spacing, emblems, and anything else required to match a new stone or inscription to an existing one. Once the information is collected, our design team will send you a copy of the existing inscription, and a draft of the new inscription so that you may compare until they match.

Engraving Outside the Cemetery

Fram Monument also does a wide variety of engravings outside of the cemetery. We are able to travel onsite to complete your engraving needs. The above examples show the work that Fram Monument can complete for you. You may click on any image above for a larger view.

For more information regarding engraving and lettering, please feel free to contact one of our representatives for a free consultation.

Laser Etching

Fram Monument Company not only specializes in engraving using modern sandblasting techniques, but we also specialize in laser etching granite memorials and stonework. Laser etching is significantly more effective when it comes to complex designs, emblems, and photos in both black/white and color. Here are a few samples of how laser etching can be used in order to complete your loved one’s memorial in a unique and beautiful way.