Memorialize Our Lost Loved Ones

Since 1922, Fram Monument has been assisting families like you with their memorial needs. We feel very strongly that no matter what kind of life you lived, everyone deserves to have a grave marker to show who they were. In honor of our 95th year of business, we are giving back in several ways and pleased to introduce The (MOLLO) Memorialize Our Lost Loved Ones Project.

Please read below for more information or contact us with any questions.

For participating, you will also receive our complimentary e-book, “How memorials can help cope with the loss of a loved one…”

Click here to enter our memorial giveaway. Once a month, we will select one family to receive a complimentary memorial including inscription and installation. Certain restrictions apply.

Purchase your memorial from Fram Monument and we will do one of the following at no charge:

  • Install one FREE grave marker to an underprivileged family who could not afford one.
  • Install one FREE grave marker to replace an aging marble/limestone memorial that has become illegible.
  • Level/fix a monument that has been vandalized or fallen overtime due to settling or age
  • Pressure wash a memorial that has become dirty or illegible overtime to enhance its beauty.

Click here to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations or email us for more information.

Make a donation of $195 to our Underprivileged Family Memorial Fund and we will prepare and install one memorial for an unmarked grave. You can also donate less and when the combined amount reaches $195, we will also mark a grave.

Click here if you have a relative or friend who is underprivileged and in need of a memorial. If approved, you will be added to our database of those in need and a memorial will be provided on a sequential basis.

We have assisted the following organizations with FREE memorials through our MOLLO program:

Hebrew Burial and Social Services Society, Baltimore, MD

Together we can help mark the graves of those who don’t have a memorial!