Being a part of the Baltimore/Washington Jewish Community has enabled me to come across the Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington.  The committee is made up of experienced individuals, who are actively involved with Jewish congregations, social service agencies, and chevra kadishas, to name a few.  This organization spends a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that Jews all over the world have the resources available during a time of need.  Their website,, acts as a central bereavement database, which can help to educate users on the topics related to death.  Aside from the physical needs of the community, the JFPCGW also strives to create financial savings in the Greater Washington Area, by contracting with local providers to establish discounted rates (such as the Fram Monument contract for discounted bronze markers).  Whether you are a Baltimore/Washington resident, or not, I recommend keeping that site in your bookmarks.  Their work is not easy, and is much appreciated.