Most people that place orders for bronze cemetery markers and headstones are not at all aware of the intense process that goes along with preparing every order.  Aside from all of the supporting jobs required to fulfill a bronze marker order, such as taking the order, building a foundation in the ground, and installing the marker, which all take time and effort, there is the main process of creating the bronze marker itself.

Creating the marker seems to be pretty straight forward, there is a basic plaque, lettering, and a few emblems usually.  However, this process is extremely detailed and time consuming, especially since bronze memorials are created to last forever, so they need to be built as perfectly as possible.

While there are many foundries and bronze manufacturers around, CR Bronze Works of Utah uploaded an in depth look at how bronze markers are made.  They posted it on youtube as a 3 part documentary, and it is worth checking out.  The links to each part are below: