For anyone who does not know, a mausoleum is an upright structure or building which holds interment spaces for above-ground entombment.  The concept has existed for many years, as is seen in pyramids.  Traditionally, mausoleums were used as a sign of wealth and importance during one’s lifetime, but today, some people simply prefer the idea of spending eternity above ground.

While some faiths and religions looks down on above ground interment, this option is becoming very popular in modern times.  People of all backgrounds are selecting this option for their futures, and it is not uncommon to plan arrangements in advance.

Mausoleums range in size, starting with a one space crypt for individuals, up to custom built mausoleums which hold up to 100 crypts.  Many use companion mausoleums for husband/wife resting places, and family estates can typically consist of 2-8 crypt walk-in mausoleums.

Walk-in mausoleums are very popular at private family cemeteries, as well as family estates at public cemeteries.  These mausoleum structures typically include bronze doors, stained glass windows, granite floors and walls, and plenty of engraving.   Often times the mausoleum will be accessorized with benches, pavers, and landscaping work surrounding.  This design creates a personalized territory for families to visit loved ones after they have passed.

The mausoleum selection process usually begins at the time of a funeral, or during family estate planning.  Since the deceased will be interred in the crypts, it is important for the mausoleum to already be in place in time for funeral services.  As these structures can take anywhere from 1-6 months to prepare, it is important to plan ahead.

Now that the positives of above-ground interment have been discussed, let’s discuss some potentially deterring issues:  Firstly, above-ground interment typically costs more than in-ground interment, so most people never even come across the mausoleum option.  Secondly, cemeteries usually sell mausoleums for significantly higher prices than local monument companies, which usually scares families from entertaining the idea.  Lastly, while some families can afford to purchase mausoleums, these structures tend to stand out amongst the other memorials in the cemetery, and some people would prefer to blend in more with the others.

If you and your family decide that a custom built mausoleum is right for you, please remember the 3 P’s when it comes to the purchase process.  Professionalism, Patience & Price.  Mausoleums are large, extremely detailed works of art, and it is important to be working with an expert in the industry.  The process takes plenty of time, from planning the design, to fabricating materials, constructing the building, and finally installing the mausoleum on site.  Make sure to work with a local dealer who can take the time to perfect the project.  Lastly, while mausoleums are beautiful, they are also expensive, so make sure you do NOT purchase directly from your cemetery, as cemeteries are known to overcharge for memorials in general, and mausoleums specifically.