Oheb Shalom Memorial Park

Cemetery Address:

318 Berrymans Lane
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Shule Address:

7310 Park Heights Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21208

For cemetery questions, contact Jesse Harris at 410-358-0105.

Oheb Shalom Memorial Park is a traditional cemetery that requires bronze markers mounted onto flush with the ground granite bases. Both single and double bronze markers are allowed.

The cemetery also has a monument section which consists of single headstones, double headstones, and granite markers. Monuments in Oheb Shalom Cemetery must be polished or steeled on all sides. The base of the monument must be finished with a steeled or polished margin. Markers in the monument section must be flush with the ground.

If there are other family members interred at Oheb Shalom Cemetery, please contact us and we will look up the necessary information to match your memorial as close as possible.


Fram is not a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of any cemetery.

Oheb Shalom Memorial Park