Cemetery Gives Back to Local Community

Under sad circumstances, a cemetery goes above and beyond to help a mourning family in need. Click the link below for the full story:   Cemetery Donates Headstone

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  NBC News reported how the price of cemetery plots has been affected by the rising real estate prices.  At the end of the day, cemeteries use up valuable space which can be used for other development purposes, so cemeteries have to pay premium prices to obtain proper land for burial.  Given that most cemeteries […]

Monument Company Gives Back to Local Community – A True Kindness

Many acts of kindness come with the benefit of knowing that the party being helped recognizes and appreciates the kindness which was given.  However, memorials come with the understanding that not only will their be no sign of appreciation, but also no repayment of the kindness. Recently a story came out about a local monument […]

Private Estate Mausoleums: More Popular Than Ever

A world which is accustomed to people spending millions of dollars on their residences is now trending to spending the same amounts on their final resting places.  A Wall Street Journal article (which is linked to below), highlights the extravagant nature of these everlasting memorials, and the lengths at which owner are going to customize […]

How to Clean Bronze Grave Markers

Found this interesting post from another site, in case anyone is interested in finding out how to clean a bronze grave marker.  I can’t guarantee that this will work, but definitely contains some useful information. See link below:   http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/how-to-restore-and-maintain-a-bronze-headstone/

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Memorial Headstone Provides Long Awaited Relief In a touching story, Fram Monument Company helps deliver a long awaited closure to a family in need.  Click above link to read the full story.

Custom Cemetery Mausoleums – Are they right for you?

For anyone who does not know, a mausoleum is an upright structure or building which holds interment spaces for above-ground entombment.  The concept has existed for many years, as is seen in pyramids.  Traditionally, mausoleums were used as a sign of wealth and importance during one’s lifetime, but today, some people simply prefer the idea […]

How to Buy Headstones and Memorials Online – The Smart Way

With all of the advances in technology, consumers today have much more information regarding potential purchases than ever before.  While the monument business may be outdated, the internet has created opportunities for families in need to save money by purchasing memorials online. Most larger, corporate owned cemeteries sell memorials directly, which is very convenient for […]

Why Jewish People Leave Stones on Monuments at Gravesites

Every religion seems to have specific traditions relating to the memorial process.  The focus of today’s post will be the Jewish tradition of leaving stones on graves of loved ones, as opposed to the traditional custom of bringing flowers. According to the Jewish tradition, all people are equal at the time of death, regardless of […]

Private Memorials at Arlington National Cemetery – Available Again!

Years ago, anyone having a loved one interred at Arlington National Cemetery could request that the interment site be in what is called “a private monument section.”  The “regular sections” at the cemetery entail the same burial options as what one would be entitled to in these so called “private monument sections,” so what is […]