Funeral arrangements are generally the toughest part of the final arrangement process to handle, as the majority of people take care of them within 24 hours of the time of death.  It is important to select a funeral home that is in close proximity to the cemetery in which you own plots.  That funeral home will be familiar with the rules and regulations of the cemetery, and will have most probably worked with them plenty.  Some cemeteries actually have their own funeral homes on site, but often times they are not as well educated regarding the Jewish traditions.  While the funeral home does not have to be a Jewish one to perform a Jewish funeral, it is heavily recommended that you do choose one that is Jewish, or at least one that has performed Jewish funerals in the past.  It is important to observe the Jewish traditions between the time of death and the end of the funeral.  Most of the Jewish funeral homes are capable of performing any and all of the Jewish rituals, whether you are an observing orthodox Jew, or completely non-affiliated.  Your local rabbis can guide you as to which funeral home to use based on your level of observance.