Many cemeteries require cast bronze plaques to be an everlasting tribute to your dearly departed. Throughout the years, technology has improved their quality and turnaround time. Each of our plaques come with a 50 year manufacturer warranty so you can rest assured your loved one has the best product available. Learn more about how our premium cast bronzes are manufactured by watching this short video.

When you order bronze markers from Fram Monument, our fixed pricing includes all of your inscription, emblems, concrete foundation, installation, cemetery coordination and appropriate memorial related cemetery costs.

You can get the process of ordering a bronze marker started easily by submitting the online order form below. Please fill in as much information as possible. No order will be produced until a proof is submitted to you showing the exact layout of how your memorial will look.

You may also use our memorial designer to create a preview.

Sample Proof

Type of Bronze Marker

Catalog Number

Full name of deceased
Please include middle name or initial if applicable

Date of Birth
Please include full date of birth unless you prefer only year of birth

Date of Death
Please include full date of death unless you prefer only year of death

Phrase of Endearment
i.e. Beloved, loving, devoted or cherished husband, father, grandfather, brother, etc.

Additional Epitaphs or Other Descriptives
Epitaphs or other descriptives can be added to personalize your memorial further. If you are unsure, one can be added later.

Hebrew Name
(If you have your wedding Ketubah or the Hebrew name written out, you can attach the document at the bottom of this form.)
Traditionally, the deceased Hebrew name and their father's Hebrew name is inscribed on the memorial. The deceased mother's name can be used as well if you choose. Please spell phonetically below. If you are unsure of the Hebrew information, kindly indicate the rabbi who officiated at the funeral. They usually keep a record of the deceased Hebrew name that we can obtain. Another source for Hebrew names is from ones wedding Katubah.

What emblem would you like?
Emblems are optional and can be placed anywhere on the memorial

Cemetery Name, Lot and section
Please include the name of cemetery, lot, section and grave number if available. If unknown, we can obtain it later.

Cemetery City & State

Does this memorial need to match any other family currently buried at the cemetery?

Unveiling Date
We usually like to allow 3 months to prepare and install the memorial. If you already have an unveiling date or time frame in mind, please indicate it below so we can schedule production and notify the cemetery accordingly.

Special Instructions
Please let us if you would like us to contact you prior to preparing the proof or if you have any other special requests

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